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Nail Colours That Look Good on Everyone

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

These basic nail colours look both effortless and stylish and this is the reason they are considered classic shades. Certain colours just look good on everyone and never go out of style—but which colours? We asked some of our top nail experts to find out what specific shades of nail polish remain popular throughout the years, and why certain colours manage to stand the test of time.


If I had to choose just one nail polish shade that screams classic, I would most likely go for red. And I'm not alone, red nails are one of those timeless looks like a little black dress, a look that will never go out of fashion and is always a popular request at salons.

Red doesn't have to mean letter box red, there are so many shades that can be considered classic, especially darker

shades during cooler seasons.

(Pictures: Passion Red by nailture)


Nude nails are different for everyone. For some of us, nude means a shade of light pink, others may consider a light to medium beige as a nude shade. That is the beauty of this nail shade, it reflects the beauty of your natural nail and goes with any outfit.

(Picture: Moody Nude by nailture)


Black remains popular with so many of us, from the younger generation to celebrities on the red carpet. Black has a very cool and edgy vibe and is especially popular during the winter time.

If black feels a little too harsh for you, you can always opt for dark purples, blues or reds instead.

(Picture: BLM by nailture)


As with red, pink is a go to shade for many of us. It's a lighter brighter shade that can have a calm and fresh look. Pink is clearly a basic nail colour that looks good on everyone and comes in many shades to suit all tastes and moods. Nailture pinks include Flamingo Pink, Pink Jasmin, Cherry Blossom, Pink Petunia and Pink Orchid.


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