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Paris Fashion Week from Mother Nailture

The celebrities and designer's were out in full force for Paris Fashion Week 2024 and we decided to pick out the shade of our beautiful plant-based nail polish that pairs up with our favourite celebrity looks.

BLM Black Nail Polish
BLM by Mother Nailture

We start off with the ever so chic shade of black, whether its Zendaya or Rihanna, our nail polish in BLM works perfectly giving an edgy and cool vibe to any manicure. We love seeing celebs add their own twist to the designer piece they are showcasing adding in a touch of their personality, making it their own.

White Nail Polish
White Rose by Mother Nailture

Next, we have noticed a lot of white hues, Kylie looking ethereal and J-Lo meaning business in a fully petal adorned jacket. Coincidentally our White Rose not only matches J-Lo's floral look but would give her nails a dazzling bold pop of white against her gorgeous tan skin.

Brown shades of nail polish
Cocoa Bean & Sand Dune by Mother Nailture

We then move onto a shade that has been increasing in popularity of late, that is brown. Whether its a deep luxurious chocolate brown like our Cocoa Bean or a smooth latte shade such as our Sand Dune. Brown speaks volumes in terms of its moody and quiet appeal, in fact brown is the epitome of quiet luxury; beauty that speaks for itself. Lewis is certainly looking dapper in his brown two piece suit.

Red nail polish
Passion Red by Mother Nailture

Our next shades is THE classic nail polish colour; the bold and eternally beautiful shade of red. Mother Nailture Passion Red nail polish is a colour that will never go out of style, it is hot, fiery, sexy, and you simply cant help but love the look of a red manicure. A bright red shade exudes confidence and sensuality and is said to be one of the things a man notices first about a woman.

Green nail polish
Nailture Green by Mother Nailture

Finally, we spot J-Lo in a gorgeous sage green colour, green is often said to have a calming effect and this colour is simply stunning. It works well with any skin tone and for any season, the aptly named Nailture Green harmonises exquisitely with her spectacular dress...just wow.

Which celebrity did you spot at Paris Fashion Week?

Our natural origin nail polishes are made with added calcium and magnesium to help condition nails with continued use. Mother Nailture nail polishes and treatments are vegan, cruelty free and halal certified and available online at Nocibe and in stores at Auchan, LeClerc and Carrefour.

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